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“10 Successful Steps into Fashion”

A must-have guide: How to start from where you are and get to where you want to be in the Fashion Industry?

My passion is sharing stories and touching people’s lives with those stories through love, consciousness and being real. My story is about a little girl who was born on a small farm and grew up to make it in the fashion world. How? She followed her dream and believed in herself.

I remember strongly the feeling that i could do better or must do better. Going to school on my bike and looking through the windows of the big houses, i promised myself, One day that will be me.

Don’t get me wrong: it was not about material things. No, it was (and still is) about contributing and giving back to the community. I remember that my father used to say that it is not just about consuming but also about creating and producing.

You can create art, a business or a skill whatever you can think of. All  of this will result in creating jobs, which means feeding families. Make sure you share your portion to make your own life better as well as the lives of others.